WRS-K air conditioning control unit

Plug-and-play at its very best.

  • Accurate control is essential for optimum operation of air conditioning and ventilation systems. The Wolf WRS-K control system makes operation even easier, ensures best possible energy efficiency and enables individual system configuration.

    Comprising a KLM air conditioning and ventilation module, a BMK programming module and a BMK-F remote control, the system is deployed in CKL compact units, CFL slimline units and in control panels for KG Top central ventilation units. KLM-E extension modules enable easy retrofitting or expansion of functionality (e.g.  umidification, adiabatic cooling, etc.). In addition, various interface modules facilitate communication with a building management system.

    For the purpose of user-friendly commissioning, the control unit is preconfigured at the factory to match specific system and customer requirements, using the Wolf configuration assistant. Users only need to select their required switching times and set values to be up and running.

  • Key features of the WRS-K:

    • Software configured individually for the specific system
    • Well-founded expertise and high quantities ensure the optimum software package
    • Special programming possible on request
    • Factory pre-programmed control application, optimally calibrated for the specific unit configuration
    • Subsequent functional extensions can be configured retrospectively at any time using the programming module
    • BMK programming module with plain text display in 14 languages

  • Air handling control unit with BMK-T10
    touch panel – now also for operating several

    An attractive 10.4" display provides a convenient overview of the operation conditions for several air handling and ventilation units, and the touch function makes it intuitive to operate. The operating state can be comprehended at a glance, thanks to visualisation of current system information, such as sensor values, signal and set values. The ability to represent and record trends allows complete operating cycles to be depicted simply in a line chart – this also allows system optimisation to be undertaken conveniently at any time.

    The BMK-T10 touch panel for operating several systems extends Wolf's air handling control unit (WRS-K) product range and is designed for straightforward control panel integration. The current system parameters and settings can also be displayed on a PC via the Ethernet interface.

    The BMK-T10 touch panel at a glance:

    • Operation of several systems possible
    • Access also via desktop PC or laptop
    • Individual programming of system names possible

Perfect air handling control with KG Control software

Humidity control
If a defined humidity level also features among requirements, this can be achieved with a steam or high pressure humidifier. Similar to temperature control, there is a choice between supply air humidity control, room supply air cascade or extract/supply air cascade.

Adiabatic cooling
Adiabatic cooling is a very energy efficient form of cooling. Depending on the enthalpy, humidity is added to the extract air, thereby cooling the extract air by evaporation. The supply air is cooled using a heat and cooling recovery system.

Interfaces for building management systems
A choice of LON, BACnet and Modbus interface module is available for connection to a building management system.

Interface for local networks
The Ethernet interface board with integral web server is suitable for integration into a local network (LAN). This enables straightforward and clear access via PC.