Wolf KG Top - cooling equipment

When excellent system solutions are needed

In many cases, stable temperatures and an optimum room climate are decisive for performance levels, comfort and operational reliability. Tailor-made, high performance cooling technology from Wolf offers efficient complete solutions with the perfect combination of low investment and operating costs, space-saving integration and operational reliability.

High quality and flexibility for all individual application requirements are continuously ensured at the factory by the Wolf Cooling Engineering department. Furthermore, you can rely on a competent and strong partner in the planning, implementation and support of your cooling applications.

  • As a systems professional, Wolf offers a wide variety of KG Top versions to meet every demand:

    • Refrigeration units for cooling and/or dehumidification
    • Fully integrated cooling with condenser coil in the exhaust air or with external condenser
    • Internal or external refrigeration pipework depending on customer-specific unit layout
    • Units with heat pump circuit for cooling/heating
    • Utilisation of waste heat in the supply air in dehumidification units (reheater coil)
    • Exhaust air heat pumps for transferring waste heat to water
    • Special unit for rooms with thermal loads all year round
    • Swimming pool units with and without pool water condenser

  • "Cool" benefits at a glance
    The refrigeration unit is fully installed in an empty, sound-insulated section of the KG Top, in the extract air flow of the central ventilation unit. Retrofitting is easy, even with appliances from other manufacturers. The integrated refrigeration units from Wolf GmbH in Mainburg offer several important benefits that you should consider during planning.


    • Coordinated refrigeration and control components
    • Clearly defined warranty limits, particularly in conjunction with an overall system control panel from Wolf
    • Systems with variable output-dependent control (digital scroll technology and inverters)
    • High performance ratings (COP) and efficiency levels
    • No energy losses through intermediary heat carrier water
    • Combination with adiabatic extract air cooling
    • Space saving – no additional external unit required for cooling
    • Internal units – no equipment required on the roof (listed buildings)
    • Treatment of the extract air flow required for hygiene reasons
    • Compressor in air flow -> optimum compressor cooling
    • Compressor set in separate component for easier servicing during operation (optional)
    • Refrigeration pipework fitted at the factory or on site
    • Serviced by the manufacturer