Oil/Gas steel boiler GKS Dynatherm-L

Power range 900 -5200 kW

  • High thermal efficiency up to 93 % (LHV) / 88% (HHV) for best possible energy exploitation

    Low load up to 35% is possible Reliable boiler protection through 50 °C minimum return temperature. Three exhaust gas flues to minimise NOx emissions

    Central positioning of the flame tube and smoke tube of the second and third flues, with water-cooled reversing chamber between the first and second flues

    High water volume for good temperature stratification Symmetrical boiler construction for optimum absorption of force 

  • Optimised combustion chamber geometry for low thermal stress, leading to an extension in the boiler's service life.

    Heat exchange surfaces of plain tube to avoid soiling and to maintain constant power Easily accessible for inspection on the exhaust side

    Operating pressure 6 bar Adequate thermal insulation, including the front door, to minimise radiation losses Ideal for combination with heat reclamation devices Five year guarantee