TopWing TLHD / TLHD-K air heater

The TopWing TLHD air heaters are designed for use where the design plays an important role on top of the need for ideal air conditioning.


    • The air heaters in series TopWing have a modern, attractive design, the harmonious, soft outline of which is shown to its best advantage in showrooms, entrance halls, sales floors, or supermarkets.     
    • The light colour in white RAL 9016 and the rounded edges let the TopWing device blend in on ceilings.     
    • Depending upon installation conditions, circulating air or mixed air is drawn in from above and blown out in six directions.     
    • Since the devices are suitable for heating or cooling, the air distribution always provides a pleasant room climate, both in the summer and in winter.     
    • As motor/fan unit, a quiet impeller with a single phase 230 V motor is used. Alternatively, a motor/fan unit with 3x400 V motor is available.
    • Regardless of which motor/fan unit was selected, the speed can be controlled continuously with the corresponding control techniques in the product range.     
    • As the heating or cooling application, a Cu/Al register with three pipe rows is used for TopWing. This has the advantage that with low-temperature heatings or condensing heating systems with supply/return spreading of 50/40 °C and a maximum volume flow in operation with circulating air, exhaust temperatures of approx. 34 °C can be reached.     
    • With the quiet impeller, and in combination with the continuous speed control, the TopWing concentrates on the essential while reducing noise.     
    • See for yourself: TopWing warms without being noisy.