TopWing TLH / TLH-K air heater

  • The air heaters in the TLH/TLH-K series were specifically developed for the comfort range. Depending on their version, these heaters are suitable for: heating, ventilation, cooling or filtering

  • With the appropriate fittings, any of the devices can be used for air recirculation, with mixed air or with external air, and can be fitted on the wall or ceiling. 

    4 device sizes for air quantities of up to 9000 m³/h and heating capacities of up to 164 kW

  • Housing:     

    • Welded, galvanised and powder-coated frame construction     
    • Panels made of steel sheet, powder-coated, colour white (RAL 9016), with glued PU soft-foam insulation, 24 mm thick     
    • Back panel with deep-drawn injection nozzle, powder-coated, colour white (RAL 9016)     
    • Outlet grille with individually adjustable air vanes, powder coated "wolf silver" similar to RAL 9006
    • Motor fan safety screen unit:

      An extremely quiet crescent-shaped fan blades with a 230 V single phase motor or a 3x400 V is used as the motor/fan unit.       

      • Oscillation-dampened mounting of the motor-fan safety screen unit on back panel     
      • Fan/motor unit plastic coated, black RAL 9005     
      • Three-phase motor 3 x 400 V, 50 Hz     
      • Single-phase AC motor 230 V, 50 Hz, upper speed only, lower speeds with multi-position switch.     
      • Protection class IP54, heat class CLF     
      • Deep-groove ball bearing with special greasing for down to -40°C 

      • Terminal box:     

        • Winding protection with built-in thermal contact breakers, only effective in association with a multi-position switch or control unit

        Heat exchanger Cu/Al:

        Large-dimension registers are used for the heating elements. This has the advantage that with low-temperature heating or condensing heating systems with supply/return spreading of 50/40 °C and a maximum volume flow in operation with circulating air, exhaust temperatures of approx. 36°C can be reached.  


        • 4 types of heat exchanger for each heater size for pumped hot water PWW     
        • Threaded connections for Pn 16 up to 140°C
          • Water supply line on the air outlet side above/below     
          • Water return line on the air inlet side above/below     
          • Connection side in air direction right/left     
          • See power table for connection sizes


          Colour selection:     


          • The casing of the standard version of the TLH air heater is finished in white RAL 9016 and the outlet grille in "wolf-silver" similar to RAL 9006     
          • The air heater, including the intake accessories, can also be supplied finished in agate, emerald or sapphire. Other RAL colours by request.