Wolf WS / WO hot air generators

  • The WS series of hot air generators from Wolf is the reliable technology that serves people. Designed for halls and workshops, Wolf hot air generators provide constant, comfortable temperatures quickly and reliably.

  • Whether in the smallest version, the Wolf WS 40 with a volume flow rate of 1,250 m3 per hour and 20 kW of heating power, or in the most powerful version, the WS 400, with a volume flow rate of 14,000 m3 per hour and a heating power of 225 kW, all Wolf's air heaters have a mature, carefully designed technology, and are easy to fit and service.

    • Compact, solid construction     
    • TÜV-tested acc. to DIN 4794 for fuel oil, natural gas, LPG
    • High firing resistance     
    • Can be used as vertical, suspended or horizontal device