ISM9 - Smart Home for induvidual room temperatur control

The new interface module is the key

Many customers want to control their heating – not only the overall heating system, but also individual rooms. This is why Wolf has developed the new integration-ready ISM9 interface module. This module features WLAN capability and can easily be integrated into a Smart Home network. For this purpose, Wolf has established arrangements with Smart Home suppliers. Wolf cooperates with wibutler to provide reliable solutions for the individual control of radiators and underfloor heating. The components for individual room temperature control are only available from heating contractors/wholesalers, not from Wolf directly. Additional Smart Home products for lighting, safety, shading, garden, measurement of energy demand, etc., are available from the respective system suppliers. The individual room temperature control is commissioned by trained heating contractors associated with the Smart Home suppliers.

  • Smart Home components:

    • A central unit is used to connect all Smart Home peripherals
    • For the radiator actuator with integral room temperature sensor, a default temperature can be see directly on the drive
    • The controller module for individual room temperature control continuously compares the actual temperature with the set temperature and regulates the flow rates of the heating/cooling water via the thermal actuators of the distribution system
    • The solution for underfloor heating: The actual room temperature and the set room temperature are transmitted by the programming unit or the room sensor
    • The room sensor also captures the relative humidity (optional)

    App control* – the practical pocket-sized helper:

    • Defaulting the set room temperature via the Smart Home system app
    • Creation of time or event scenarios
    • Customisable daily and weekly programme
    • Depiction of the connected heating circuits/mixer circuits and data points
    • Fault message display

    * In addition to using the app of the Smart Home supplier to operate the individual room temperature control, the Wolf Smartset portal
    and smartphone app can simultaneously be used for the purpose of remote maintenance and monitoring.