Perfect control via smartphone and PC

  • The user level: Wolf Smartset smartphone app or Wolf portal
    In conjunction with the ISM7i or ISM7e interface module and the Wolf portal, the Smartset smartphone app allows users to operate their heating systems conveniently from a smartphone, no matter where they are. An internet connection will only be made if permitted by the user.

    The contractor level: Wolf portal
    Full access to the selected heating system is possible at the contractor level of the Wolf portal. The system components are graphically illustrated by various schemes, and the associated operation conditions are also shown. Adjustments can be made and parameters called up and modified. In addition, the integral datalogger can record values and conditions, which can also be shown in graphic form. Furthermore, active fault messages and a fault history are displayed.

    The service tool: Wolf Smartset PC app
    The Smartset application for Windows PCs allows a system to be configured and diagnosed on site, for example during a service call. The connection between PC and ISM7i or ISM7e interface module is established directly with a network cable. The design and functional scope of the Smartset PC app corresponds to that of the Wolf portal including contractor level.



Benefits to remember:

    • Easy and clear operation
    • Operating mode changeover
    • Heating/setback mode demand
    • Time programs can be set for central heating and DHW
    • Set value input
    • Solar yield display (with existing solar module and activated solar recording)
    • Display and recording of all relevant temperatures
      and operating conditions (in the contractor level)
    • Display of active fault messages and fault history
    • Management of several systems by contractors
    • Possibility of remote diagnosis for expert