• Gas condensing boiler CGB-2

    More versatile then ever - better then ever.


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  • Gas condensing solar centre CSZ-2

    The perfect combination from gas and solar.


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  • Gas condensing centre CGS-2

    The ideal solution for the instant exchange.

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  • Gas condensing centre CGW-2

    The ideal solution for the immediate exchange at the wall.


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  • Technology

    The idea for more efficiency.


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  • Gas condensing combi boiler CGB/CGB-K

    Sophisticated condensing technology ensures efficient use of energy.

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  • Gas boiler CGU-2K

    Redesigned gas fired appliances with conventional low temperature technology by Wolf.


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  • Gas condensing boiler

    The new gas wall mounted condensing boiler FGB at the latest innovative technology.


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  • Gas combi boiler CGG-1K

    Wall-mounted gas-fired boiler, developed especially for export purposes.


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