BLUE STREAM - the idea for more efficiency

You will quickly be won over by the inner values of the new CGB-2 series of condensing boilers from Wolf. The efficiency concept has moved on from the previous series, and now offers four notable benefits:

  • 1. The self-calibrating combustion controller that adapts to the prevailing gas quality means that the gas:air mixture needs never to be adjusted again. This also applies to changing gas qualities (e.g. if biogas is mixed in). Furthermore, the system can modulate down to a minimum output of 1.8 kW. This translates into fewer burner starts, extremely clean combustion and the highest level of efficiency. 

    2. The low standby losses, for which Wolf appliances have a high reputation and receive praise in many consumer tests, have been improved yet further. It is not only fossil fuels that are becoming ever more expensive – the price of electricity keeps going up, too.

  • 3. The intelligent pump control unit addresses this issue by further reducing the overall auxiliary power demand. No overflow value and no return temperature raising function are required – for the highest utilisation of the condensing effect. 

    4. The intelligent control technology, which can be adjusted and optimised by smartphone or PC, lets consumers regulate the system precisely in accordance with their heat demand.