Gas condensing boiler CGB-2 – state of the art condensing technology

More versatile than ever – better than ever.

  • The new CGB-2 wall mounted gas condensing boilers are worthy successors to their consumer test winning predecessors. With output levels of 14, 20 or 24 kW, they offer the best possible solution for a wide range of buildings. 

    What makes these appliances so special is the electronic, gas-adaptive combustion controller that adjusts automatically to the prevailing gas quality. Users will also enjoy the low standby losses and high efficiency, while the environment will benefit from the extremely clean combustion.

    Customers will find the highly compact design of these appliances make them the perfect choice when replacing older boilers in any situation. A pivoting combustion chamber, as well as the clear and accessible layout, makes them as easy to service as their predecessors.

    • Energy efficiency class space heating: A

    • Energy efficiency class water heating (CGB-2K): A

Benefits to remember:

    • Variable modulating output from as low as 1.8 kW 
    • Gas-adaptive and self-calibrating combustion controller for extremely clean combustion and adaptation to changing gas qualities (e.g. if biogas is mixed in) 
    • No need to adjust the gas:air mixture  
    • Can be converted to LPG without CO2 adjustment
    • Long burner runtimes, fewer burner starts, improved efficiency 
    • Coated heating water heat exchanger ALUPro 
    • Sustainable design that holds its value – components can be replaced individually
      • Equipped with the new Wolf control system 
      • Optimum utilisation of the condensing effect by controlling the spread (flow/return temperature) 
      • Connections compatible with previous models 
      • Casing insulated on the inside for quiet operation 
      • No overflow value and no return temperature raising function are required – for the highest utilisation of the condensing effect 
      • Commissioning with users prompts 
      • Integral high efficiency pump EEI < 0.23 
      • Electronic pressure gauge