Heat pumps Air/water - brine/wate - water/water

New efficiency category!

With a COP (Coefficient of Performance) of up to 5.4, Wolf opens up a new efficiency category. 

The new series with 18 different appliances for internal and external installation, as standard or compact versions and as a heat station with integral DHW cylinder, meets every aspiration. The air source heat pumps with output range of 8 - 14kW, the ground source versions with range of 6 - 16kW and the groundwater version with range of 7 - 21kW are designed with flow temperatures of up to 63 °C. In addition to their energy efficiency, other impressive features include their low noise level, ease of installation and user friendliness.

  • Energy efficiency class: A++*

Air/water head pumps 

  • BWL-1-A for outdoor installation
  • BWL-1-I for indoor installation 

Brine/water head pumps 

  • BWS-1 heating appliance for indoor installation

Water/water head pumps

  • BWW-1 draws its energy directly from nature - in this case from groundwater. Groundwater has a temperature of 8 to 12 ºC all year round, which enables the BWW‑1 to achieve a COP of 5.4 to 5.6.
* Energy efficiency class for space heating, low-temperature (W35)

Wolf Split-Wärmepumpe

BWL-1S(B) split air source heat pump

The BWL-1S(B) split air source heat pump is new to the Wolf heat pump range. This appliance is ideal for all locations where cooling as well as heating will be required.By modulating its output, the BWL-1S(B) matches its heating, cooling and DHW operation to demand perfectly. The compact outdoor module can be installed at a distance of up to 25 m from the indoor module, requiring just two refrigerant lines of Ø10 mm and Ø16 mm. This provides a high degree of flexibility and easy installation. The space saving outdoor module can be installed either on a plinth or on a wall mounting support.

  • Energy efficiency class: A++*
  • Noteworthy benefits:

    • Electronic output control via inverter compressor
    • High efficiency with COP of up to 3.8 at A2/W35 (EN 14 511)
    • Integral heat meter
    • Fully compatible with Wolf control system
    • Operation with integral BM-2 programming module or AM display module
    • ISM7i LAN/WLAN interface module can be integrated in the indoor module
    • Integral high efficiency pump EEI <0.23
    * Energy efficiency class for space heating, low-temperature (W35)

    • 6 kW electric heating element (400 V or 230 V connection options)
    • Can also be supplied as BWL-1S(B): Indoor module without electric heating element for dual mode operation with an external heat generator (oil/gas/biomass/solar)
    • Also available as heating centre in combination with the CEW-2-200 DHW cylinder
    • Hydraulic connection set for quick on-site installation of cylinder and indoor module