Heating with oil was never more economical than with TOB / TOB-TS

State of the art oil condensing technology

  • The TOB is based on the same general principle as the COB – the German consumer association "Stiftung Warentest" test winner. However, Wolf development engineers have now been able to improve the burner unit even further. The most pertinent new development concerns the use of the modulating combustion principle that employs pressure vaporisation and the patented mixing swirl nozzle. Oil preheating and oil evaporation are not required, which saves on auxiliary power consumption.
    During combustion, the pump rate is continuously matched to the prevailing demand with the highly efficient and variable speed EC oil pump motor. This ensures the highest efficiency with very clean combustion, whilst the already low auxiliary power consumption is reduced even further. The TOB, just like its gas equivalent, the CGB‑2, modulates its output according to the actual demand. It is also available as the TOB-TS with an adjacent stratification cylinder.

    • Energy efficiency class space heating: A

Twelve benefits to remember:

    • Latest technology that builds on the success of the COB, German consumer association "Stiftung Warentest" test winner
    • Proven combustion principle of pressure vaporisation
    • Modulating output from 6.6 to 18.6 kW, always matched to the current heat demand
    • Low energy consumption on account of low minimum output and technology that does not require oil preheating or oil evaporation
    • Equipped with the new Wolf control system
    • Low standby consumption
    • Highly efficient variable speed EC oil pump motor reduces power consumption even further
    • Optimum utilisation of the condensing effect due to stratification operation with TS cylinder and controlled spread (flow/return temperature)
    • Can be operated with standard fuel oil, low-sulphur fuel oil EL or bio-oil (B10)
    •  High grade oil filter with vacuum gauge as part of the standard delivery
    • Electronic system pressure gauge
    • Clean combustion: Standard emissions at 40/30 °C to DIN 4702-8: CO < 6 mg/kWh, NOX < 48 mg/kWh