BSP / BSP-W stratification cylinder

The highlight of storage tanks technology: 

  • The multi-functional BSP and BSP-W stratification cylinders permit combinations of equipment with gas and oil boilers, combi boilers, wood and pellet heaters, heat pumps, solar installations and electrical heating elements.

  • Particularly when combined with condensing units, a stratification cylinder permits optimum condensation and therefore maximum energy yield. A fresh-water station offers maximum hot water convenience at any time.

The advantages of the Wolf BSP stratification cylinder at a glance: 

    • Space-saving 
    • Hydraulic components such as the fresh-water module, 2 mixer circuits and the pump fittings assembly can be fitted either to the tank or to the wall. 
    • Stratification plates stabilise the temperature layers in the tank, bringing a marked improvement in solar energy yield.  Schema Heizung Warmwasser 
    • Hygienic hot water preparation with a powerful fresh-water module 
    • Circulation set can be fitted; control by time, thermostat or by opening the water tap
    • Optionally available with 2 mixing circuit groups for the high and low temperature circuits. 
    • Very low heat losses through 1-tank system. 
    • Economical solution for heating support. 
    • Thermal insulation can be removed for easy transport into the installation room. 
    • 5 years guarantee on the floor-standing tank, 2 years on electrical and moveable parts