Solar tank

  • Solar tank SEM-1

    The advantages of the Wolf SEM-1 at a glance:

    Steel solar tank with two plain tube heat exchangers, enamelled according to DIN 4753. 

    Highly effective thermal insulation and low heat losses through high-quality PU hard foam insulation under the tank's foil jacket. 

    Thermal insulation contains no CFCs 

    Inner wall of the container and heat exchanger protected from corrosion by enamelling and magnesium sacrificial anode 

    Large heat exchanger surfaces ensure short heat-up time and high continuous hot water performance 

    Side flange for additional heat exchanger and simple servicing 

    Optimum diameter/height ratio for good temperature stratification

  • Solar tank SEM-2

    for hot water generation, with option of building on a solar pump assembly

    Easily assembled and compact, with a volume of 300 or 400 litres 

    Two plain tube heat exchangers (heating and solar). 

    Solar pump assembly with integrated, ready-wired SM1 solar regulator that can be fitted directly to the tank. 

    Optionally with high-efficiency pump eligible for subsidies.