CRK-12 high-performance tube collector

  • The tube collector operates with a heat exchanger in the vacuum tube system. This achieves high absorber temperatures, and enormous efficiencies, even at low levels of solar radiation. 

    In the spring and autumn in particular this allows enough solar energy to be collected that, in addition to hot water generation, central heating can also be supported.

  • In addition to the aesthetic design, the tube collector offers the particular advantage of easy installation and servicing. It is supplied fully preassembled. It is also worth mentioning the fitting position, and the zero-maintenance, extremely durable vacuum seal provided by the cladding and absorber tubes. The absorber and reflector surfaces are therefore optimally protected from ageing and dirt in the vacuum, and therefore have extremely long lives.

    Solar heating in combination with a Wolf boiler usually leads to an energy efficiency class A+ (package label) for the complete heating system.

The CRK advantages at a glance 

The CRK satisfies the requirements of the "Blue Angel" environmental mark according to RAL UZ 73 

  • High-performance: High performance in a very small space, high yields, particularly in spring and autumn, particularly suitable for the combination of hot water generation and support for central heating  

    Long life: Collector with direct flow using the principle of the thermos flask; this permits long-lasting vacuum and therefore high insulation; hail-resistant borosilicate glass according to DIN EN 12 975 

    Constant: Absorber with highly selective layer on the outside of the internal glass tube in a high vacuum, and so protected from environmental influences; no degradation, providing lasting high efficiency

  • Flexible: Modular design can be adapted to the available space on the roof 

    Highly aesthetic: Elegant appearance due to narrow pipe diameter, optimised pipes spacing and attractive design 

    Easy assembly: Compact and easily managed; fully preassembled; ready for connection, for mounting the collectors on top of the roof tiles, and freestanding 

    Warranty: 5 years