The Wolf solar heating solution

Solar heating - what's that?

    • Wolf offers a system of perfectly matching components for solar drinking water production as well as for solar heating support.     
    • Wolf solar heating therefore provides low energy consumption with highly convenient hot water and heating.
    • Solar heating in combination with a Wolf boiler usually leads to an energy efficiency class A+ (package label) for the complete heating system.
    • The heart of the system consists of the solar collectors in combination with a storage system that is used to prepare drinking water and to support heating.
    • Several options are available: stratification cylinder with the BSP freshwater station, the SED double storage or the SEM-1 solar storage combined with an SPU buffer storage      
    • Wolf offers a wide spectrum of products for use as additional heat generators: Oil or gas condensing boilers and heat pumps for brine or air. Optimum energy efficiency is ensured through the use of the latest control technology.

These components can be combined with solar heating