New: Comfort domestic ventilation CWL-D-70

  • Decentralised mechanical air handling unit with heat recovery

    The CWL-D-70 is the ideal appliance for retrofitting existing buildings. It combines efficiency and convenience in the smallest of spaces. This is due to its removable plastic cross- and countercurrent plate heat exchanger, which guarantees at least 80 % heat recovery, as well as its particularly low energy consumption thanks to the use of high grade DC fans. It is because of these fans that you hear so little from the new CWL-D-70 – it is the quietest appliance on the market.

    The electric preheater coil (275 W), which is integrated into the appliance and features automatic frost protection control and a standard bypass, takes care of supply air preheating in winter as well as the minimum supply air temperature. A category G4 pre-filter continuously provides clean and pollen-free fresh air. The filter service notification is automatically displayed on the appliance.

    The white internal panel features a particularly aesthetic design and can even be coated. The external wall hood is available in white (RAL 9010) or stainless steel. The CWL-D-70 is supplied fully wired. It is especially easy to install, thanks in no small part to the wall sleeve included in the delivery. 

    Benefits of the CWL-D-70 at a glance:

    • Ideal for retrofitting existing buildings
    • Integral bypass
    • 80 % heat recovery
    • DIBt approval and passive house certificate (applied for)
    • Compliant with the EN 13141-8 (2015) guidelines
    • Particularly easy to install
    • Electric preheater coil (275 W) as standard