Building Services Centre - Comfort domestic ventilation CWL-T-300 Excellent

  • A team only excels when its individual talents complement each other. Accordingly, the new CWL-T-300 Excellent ventilation unit teams up well with a Wolf heat generator.
    Together, the ventilation unit and the heat generator form both a visual and a technical entity. With an optional hydraulic reheater coil, the supply air can be heated as required with a maximum heating output of 3000 W. The required heating output is produced and made available by the adjacent Wolf heat generator, e.g. BWL-1S split air source heat pump, CGS-2 gas condensing centre or TOB oil condensing boiler. It therefore supports the conventional heating system in providing comfortable indoor conditions. The mechanical ventilation system can be installed right beside the respective heat generator due to its new "tower" design.
    Otherwise, the CWL-T- 300 Excellent offers the impressive benefi ts of other units in this series: light and compact design, a removable plastic crosscountercurrent heat exchanger with up to 95 % heat recovery.
    Energy saving, constant fl ow EC fans and low current draw of only 36 W also ensure low power consumption. A bypass for night ventilation in summer and a 1000 W electrical preheater coil are included as standard. Equally typical for Wolf: Fully wired unit for quick and easy installation and commissioning. It can be positioned against a wall to save space and serviced quickly and easily from the front.

  • This building services centre can be controlled easily and conveniently with the BM-2 programming unit, your key to the "smart home" – networked, intelligent and mobile
    control for the entire heating and ventilation system.

Benefits to take note of:

  • Removable plastic cross- and countercurrent plate heat exchanger
  • Heat recovery up to 95 %
  • Bypass as standard
  • Electric 1000 W preheater coil integrated in the appliance
  • Category G4 filter, F7 as optional accessory
  • Control unit with BM-2 or BML Excellent programming unit
  • The automatic frost stat control offers optimum protection against frost damage
  • Ideal for rooms with limited space – can be installed directly against the wall
  • DIBT approval and passive house certificate applied for