What really matters - The energy efficiency label for central heating and DHW appliances is coming

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  • Fridges, dishwashers, washing machines, ovens – it all started with white goods in the 1990s. Today, other energy-consuming appliances also carry the European ErP energy efficiency label, such as TV sets, lighting and – since September 2014 – even vacuum cleaners. "ErP" stands for Energy related Products.

    Now, minimum energy efficiency requirements for energy efficient solutions (the Ecodesign Directive) are also specified for manufacturers of system and combi boilers, water heaters and DHW cylinders.

    This directive, valid throughout the European Union, and the label associated with it are intended to assist consumers in their purchasing decisions and to help reduce private energy demand, as well as combat climate change.

    Sales partners, design engineers, traders and installers are required to provide energy efficiency figures in their quotations to their customers, in the form of datasheets and energy efficiency labels. Wolf wants to help prepare our trade partners for the changes required by the new ErP Directive.

Manufacturer's responsibilities:

  • Ecodesign Directive (ErP) und the energy efficiency label

    Which products are affected by the ErP Directive?

    • For building services products, such as boilers and DHW cylinders up to 400 kW and hot water cylinders up to 2000 l, the European Commission has decided that from 26 September 2015, manufacturers may only sell appliances that meet the new minimum requirements for energy consumption and environmental protection. Manufacturers must confirm compliance with the directives by means of the CE designation.

      The following product categories are affected:

      • System boilers
      • Combi boilers (central heating and DHW heating)
      • DHW cylinders
      • Whole systems comprising system boilers or combi boilers, temperature controllers and solar installations
      • Combi boiler (type B1) < 30 kW as a replacement in an apartment building (see fold-out page at the end of this brochure)
      • Heat generators up to 70 kW and DHW cylinders up to 500 l must be provided with a datasheet and an energy efficiency label



    • Not affected are the following:

      • Boilers fuelled by biomass
      • Heating systems operated with gas, steam or air
      • Combined heat and power units (CHP) with 50 kW electrical capacity or higher
      • System boilers in excess of 400 kW, DHW cylinders in excess of 2000 l

Retailers' and contractors' responsibilities:

  • What does this mean for our sales partners, design engineers, traders and contractors?

    Selling, displaying and advertising?

    • As of the 26/09/2015, most non-condensing boilers up to 400 kW can no longer be sold by manufacturers. Boilers without high efficiency [HE] pumps cannot be sold after 1 August 2015. Likewise, non-HE pumps can no longer be sold after the 01/08/2015.
      Boilers that sales partners, traders and installers still have in stock after the 26/09/2015 / 01/08/2015 can continue to be sold and installed with no time limit.

      New products must be labelled
      On display merchandise, the energy efficiency label must be affixed in a visible position on the front of the appliance. When sold by a contractor or installer, the datasheet and the energy efficiency label must be included in the quotation presented to the end customer. Please note: Breaches are punishable by a fine.

      And the sale of a whole system, e.g. a combination of a condensing boiler with a solar thermal system, requires not only labelling of the individual components on display or being quoted, but also a specific label for the system as a whole.

  • Efficiency at a glance

    What is shown on the ErP appliance label?

    • The ErP label for system boilers shows its efficiency category on a scale from A++ to G (to D for heat pumps, from A to G for hot water cylinders). In August 2019, a more rigorous scale will be introduced from A+++ to D, and from A+ to G for hot water cylinders.
      The label for (low temperature) heat pumps shows information about the climate zone as well.Values such as sound power rating and heating output are also displayed.If the label is for a combi boiler for central heating and DHW heating, it will show the efficiency category of both functions.

      Wolf will supply a label and a datasheet for all delivered products affected by these regulations, which sales partners, traders and contractors must use when labelling our products. Official labelling cannot commence before the 26/09/2015. A transitional period of three months will be granted.

      Our service: All documents will be made available for our partners to download from www.wolf-heiztechnik.de (spring 2015).

  • Precision and reliability from a single source

    The Wolf system supplier advantage: the whole system label!

    • Just as with the appliance label, every quotation for a whole system must specify its energy efficiency category. Label and the completed datasheet must be displayed clearly. Even a boiler plus a control unit qualifies as a "whole system".
      This aspect of labelling will be the responsibility of our sales partner, traders or contractors.

      As a systems supplier for heating, air handling, ventilation units and solar, Wolf makes it particularly easy to come up with the necessary figures and labels for whole systems. We provide you with datasheets and labels for the packs preconfigured by Wolf (including all documentation for the individual components).

    • That means you can immediately generate the appropriate datasheets and labels when drawing up a quotation for a system. 

      We save you time-consuming research and work putting together systems, meaning more time for you and assurance for your customers.

      Of course you still have flexibility in your choice of appliance combinations when planning customised Wolf systems. Wolf's new ErP portal makes sure of that. With the online portal, you can create the right composite system label for your proposed Wolf system in no time. It couldn't be simpler, or more reliable.

      Wolf ErP portal package labels

    • Summary:

      Three options for ErP calculations for systems


      1. You do the calculations yourself manually using datasheets or using a commercially available ErP software.

      2. You use ready-made packs from Wolf

      • All documents complete and available immediately
      • No software outlay
      • 5-year system guarantee

      3. You do the calculations for a Wolf system with the aid of the Wolf ErP online portal

      • Calculations for all Wolf systems
      • No software outlay
      • 5-year system guarantee

The end is near for non-condensing appliances.

  • Repair? Replace? Convert?

    • Over the coming months, review your customers' installations. Which of your customers' non-condensing appliances need repairing, or need to be replaced due to wear?

      The introduction of the Ecodesign Directive also means that nearly all Wolf non-condensing appliances will be withdrawn from our range.

      Service and repair
      Existing systems, however, can continue to be used beyond the deadline. Regular servicing of these appliances is therefore important – a persuasive point you can make to your customers.

      Especially in apartment blocks, it is advisable to inspect all non-condensing appliances and replace individual, "ageing" appliances before the deadline. Note that a non-condensing appliance and a condensing appliance cannot be installed together on a single, shared flue.

      Future-ready upgrade

      Wolf condensing boilers with BlueStream® impress with their minimal consumption and low maintenance requirements. They are an investment that pays off: A strong selling point for private customers, and an attractive competitive advantage for the rental sector and housing associations.
      On the following pages you will find options for converting from non-condensing systems to Wolf condensing systems and other efficient system solutions.

ErP-ready? The facts that matter:

• Deadline 26/09/2015: Heating systems up to 70 kW, and hot water cylinders up to 500 l,
must carry the new energy efficiency label by this date
• Phasing out of non-condensing boilers up to 400 kW
• Simple ErP labelling for whole systems, thanks to Wolf system packs and Wolf ErP online portal
• Refurbish or replace old appliances by the deadline